Tech in Weddings


We live in a remarkable digital age, where our generation is nuts about technology and the innovation of new digital products are developing at lightning speed! These digital advancements have now reached the doors of the wedding industry and everything is changing…

Where before we would have live bands, hand written invitations and a child ring-bearer; we now have DJs, invitation apps and drones! Although digital is slowly becoming the norm nowadays, there are still some new and exciting products breaking into the market.

Here’s a few to watch out for…

Projection mapped cakes

You’ll have seen nothing like it before; projection mapping on cakes, an unmissable component in future cake decoration. Projection mapped cakes are essentially visuals projected onto a cake, with each design skilfully created so that it complements the entire wedding theme. As a very versatile technique, you can display anything you choose – stunning graphics of a crystal fountain or even your engagement photos. It’s entirely personalised!

projection mapped wedding cake

The team at Luma Bakery do it best. Their exquisite technical skills paired with the baking talents of Gully’s Patisserie, means your cake will taste just as gorgeous as it looks.  With prices starting at £799, they will fashion your cake together in just a few hours, all ready for your guests to stare at in awe. “We love working with trendsetting couples looking to add that extra dimension of personalisation and spectacle to their wedding” – Luma Bakery.

At ISWD, we’re LOVING this idea! It screams fab and fantastic and we’re so excited to see wedding cakes taking a revolutionary turn in design. These cakes are an absolute show stopper!

Take a look below to see projection mapped cakes in action, or contact Luma Bakery to see a private demonstration.

The new digital Drawing Booth

The days of photo booths and caricature artists are slowly phasing out in weddings; there’s a new artist in town… introducing digital portrait artists! Say no to long queues in the corner of the venue waiting for your turn and instead say hello to instant, personalised unique digital drawings – the new generation of wedding artists.

We are so excited about this new approach to wedding entertainment and why wouldn’t we be? It’s different, it’s digital and it’s fun! The best company to offer this? UK Drawing Booth.

Uk drawing booth digital artist

They send out a team of their finest artists who walk around and mingle with your wedding guests. With their iPad Pros and stylus’ at the ready, they are all set to draw quick unique portraits of your guests. Unlike your typical caricature artists, these artists focus on a more minimalistic and realistic drawing style. Although with overall likeness, the personal style differs with each artist, providing a real variety in all of the portraits created on the day.

The fact it’s all digital makes it that much more awesome – you can instantly share your drawing all over social media and they have onsite printing, so you have your very own keepsake on the day.

See the concept live in action below.

Interactive Illumination 

Speaking of iPads, similar technology is now being used on a BIGGER scale. We’re talking about high res LED screens which can span the entire area of the floor. And these aren’t just screens, they’re interactive ones! Thanks to innovative technology and the use of pressure pads you can now walk down the aisle as the floor beneath you glows at your every step. Your guests will absolutely love it too – party on the dance floor and watch how it illuminates and responds with brilliant graphics just at the touch of your feet. It’s the perfect way to ingeniously jazz up your celebrations!

interactive floor lighting

It doesn’t just stop at dance floors and aisles. Why not create an interactive guest book which they can digitally sign? Or display your menu on these pixel perfect panels? You can get as creative as you want – we can’t wait to see this fantastic new idea grow and inspire future couples!

Bright Logic  demonstrate it best.  They describe it as ‘choosing your adventure’ and they’re not wrong. Their Active Floor System can be totally customised to match the theme of your big day and tailored to your taste. All you need to do is enjoy the experience on the day and watch your guests have the time of their life. What better way to embrace technology?

Take a look for yourselves and watch how it’s done.


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