Welcome to the Bronze Age


In a previous post, I showcased the newly rebranded ISWD website and pledged to keep in touch with the wedding world far more regularly via my shiny new blog…


Fast forward a year (how DID that happen – gasp!) and this month I am celebrating eight wonderful years of working in the wedding industry. To mark this bronze anniversary, I am delighted to announce today that the ISWD blog is now fully recharged, relaunched and raring to go!

A new era lies ahead for ISWD in 2014. With a legacy of luxury weddings to share, the blog promises to showcase ISWD real weddings, explore delicious design trends and demystify the planning process via advice articles & the odd ISWD Instant (more on those soon!)

I’ll also be divulging details of projects that have, until now, been secretly under wraps here at ISWD HQ…

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Photo Credits: Original Wedding Image Source via tumbler


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