Trends 2014 | Addicted to Naked Cake? Us too.


Inspired by the baking frenzy we’ve all been whipping ourselves into since the Great British Bake Off bounced onto our screens, the trend for naked cake has never been bigger in the world of weddings. After years of progressively complex creations, the era for intricate icing was topped off notably by the royal wedding cake in 2012.

Substance over style is the name of the game in 2014; the focus has shifted to the quality of the actual cake being consumed, rather than what is adorning it. Naked cake is the tag of this new trend, which does without traditional fondant. A favourite victoria sponge recipe is the basis for bakers, who then cram the stacking tiers with mouthwatering fillers such as buttercream and jam. Naked cake can be traditional victoria sponge or different tiers can be different flavours. Whether it is coffee and cream, lemon or coconut, this is classic sponge cake at its very finest, with a tantalising taste to match. This summer’s ISWD luxury weddings are jam-packed with this trend; many couples are opting for naked cake that they can style to suit their theme, whilst benefitting from the supreme taste offered by skilled traditional baking.

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From left to right: Wedding Cake Baker: Patti Vaughn,,

If baking’s your personal passion, it is possible to extend the naked cake trend even further. A recent wedding saw members of the bridal party conduct a bake off prior to the big day. Selected guests contributed a home baked sponge creation for a featured dessert table. A bake off really suits a relaxed, modern wedding and can be adapted to include as many or as few people as required. The results look stunning; it guarantees originality and really makes for a very memorable celebration!

For more naked cake style inspiration, tickle your creative taste buds by viewing more of our favourites here.


Image Credits, from left to right: Wedding Cake Baker: Patti Vaughn,,

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